Kids Lab

The blooming buds of the kindergarten section are so enthusiastic about their little exploration. Their smallest experiences give them the greatest joy which we all look forward to. The Kid’s Lab is their world of exploration where they learn to socialize. They learn the importance of teamwork and problem-solving skills. Moreover, they get highly excited as they trigger their mental ability to fix the puzzles and making use of the play equipment.


A healthy attitude spells success and that depends on a healthy appetite. The school canteen is located in the midst of the evergreen botanical garden and is surrounded by date palms and a lush verdant lawn. Chips, crisps, and chicken puffs are just some of the eatables that tickle your taste buds and make the canteen a favorite spot for one and all. Feed your sweet tooth on the muffins and wafers, munch into the delicious croissants and cheesy buns, or bite into the mouth-watering piping hot chicken pizzas! The best fare of nutritious fruit juices on sale will tempt you to sip your customary juice in the cozy sit-out area which boasts of comfortable chairs and tables. The nectar of life – water is sold in bottles of different sizes. This exquisite retreat is spiced up with the ever-smiling canteen service. What more can one ask for?
One gets hooked to the aromatic aroma of the canteen.
‘Life’s greatest pleasures are life’s smallest ones.’

Biology Lab

Our biology lab serves as an appropriate venue for promoting meaningful and engaged learning. It supports the instructional learning goals. Lab activities are integrated into instruction in the most scientific manner facilitating a life-oriented approach and contributing to the attainment of high standards by all the students. The lab is well furnished and equipped (with a seating capacity of 60 students). It is set in such a way that the equipment are easily accessible to the students and suits their convenience in conducting physiological and biochemical experiments. In addition to the ordinary light microscopes and dissection microscopes our labs are provided with modern binocular compound microscopes, modern clinical diagnostic devices and other instruments needed for analysing various physiological, zoological and botanical specimens are displayed in such a manner that they are handy and serve as a resource for the students to aid a better conception of various information.

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab maintains the rigour of Chemistry but make it more real to the students. The lab is well furnished and equipped (with a seating capacity of 60 students).Experiments are modulated so as to supplement classroom objectives and broader aspects. Stimulating greater interest in the subjects modern equipments and necessary chemicals required for practical and project works are set in our Chemistry Lab to enhance the knowledge transferred to them and analyses them scientifically.

Digital Library

Our school library has acquired over 10000 books. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is a part , which enables the students/staff to reserve of any book in the library from anywhere in the world through school website. Library has few electronic journals, along with the digital archives, few educational videos, covering the scholastic and non-scholastic activities. CDs/DVDs: The Library acquired over 100 CDs and DVDs.