Admission Procedure

    Guidelines for Admission 2024-2025

 Admissions are open to both students of Indian nationalities and other nationalities, depending on the availability of seats. All students are required to study curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) India.

The admission process involves the following steps:

  1. Registration of your ward’s name in the school office for upcoming admissions.
  2. Completed admission form is to be submitted to the school office along with all the required documents.
  1. For all matters related to admission, the decision of Principal and Management shall be final.
  2. Minimum Age:
      • KG1 – 3 years on or before 31st March,
      • KG2 – 4 years on or before 31st March
      • Class 1 – 5 years on or before 31st March. 

The following are the Documents to be submitted at the time of Admission: 

  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of valid Passport of father, mother and child. (First page and last address page).
  • Resident card copy of father, mother and child.
  • Original Transfer Certificate (T. C.) from previous school. (For admissions to Class-II onwards).
  • Copy of Mark – lists/ Report Card (For admissions to Class-II onwards).
  • 4 photographs (PP size) of child.
  • 2 photographs (PP size) of father & mother.

For Non- Indians:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Original hard copy of NOC (No Objection Certificate) from concerned Embassy to take admission
  • in ISML and study Indian CBSE curriculum.
  • Undertaking on CBSE rules and regulations duly signed by the parent (Form is available in school office)
  • Copy of valid Passport of father, mother and child. (First page and last address page)
  • Resident card copy of father, mother and child.
  • Original of Transfer Certificate from the previous school.
  • Copy of Mark-lists/ Report Card of previous academic year’s examinations (For admissions to Class- II onwards).
  • 4 Photographs (PP size) of child.
  • 2 Photographs (PP size) of father & mother.

For Direct Admissions to classes X & XII

(Along with the documents and details given above, the following documents are also to be submitted)

  1. An affidavit by the parent giving valid reasons for the change of school.
  2. Copy of CBSE class IX or XI registration card.
  3. Copy of request letter submitted to the principal of the previous school to delete the student’s name from their school’s student list on the CBSE website’s student registration portal.
  1. A request letter from the parent if the student has to change his/ her previous year’s chosen subject combinations in ISML due to non-availability of such subjects in ISML.

Admission Registration / T.C Form

  • Admission registration form(INDIAN) DOWNLOAD 
  • Admission registration form(NON-INDIAN ) DOWNLOAD
  • TC application/withdrawal form DOWNLOAD

NB: For more details please contact school office: 26811234 (Time: 7.30am- 2.30pm) (SUNDAY-THURSDAY)

Indian School Muladha       

P.B. 42, P.C.314, Sultanate of Oman