Board Of Directors



Indian Schools in Oman, established by the Board of Directors aims primarily to educate the students of the Indian Community residing within Sultanate of Oman. The Schools function and operate as non-political, secular, non-profit making and self-sustaining institutions.

Indian Schools in Oman, impart quality education to children of Indian diaspora and also to the children of other nationalities through 21 schools across Oman. Sincere thanks to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said and the Government of Oman for extending all the support for the establishment and smooth functioning of these schools in Oman. The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman is the apex policymaking body for all the Indian Schools in the Sultanate. Currently, the Board governs 21 Indian Schools, with more than 46,000 students on the rolls. Individual schools are further mentored by a group of Directors of the Board, who actively support, guide and monitor the functions of the institutions.

Board of Directors strives to provide affordable quality education aiming at the overall development of the children. Every effort is made by the Board of Directors to ensure that no Indian child is deprived of education for any reason, whatsoever. In order to provide the best to our children, Board of Directors continuously endeavor to improve the facilities in Indian Schools and also to expand the infrastructure.

Indian School Muladha is one of the institutions under the umbrella of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman.

Directors in charge to ISML

Mr. Shameer. P.T.K
DIC, Board of Directors 

Mrs. Ashwini Sachin Sawrikar
DIC, Board of Directors