Student life

Sports and Physical Education

Physical education department of the school provides the students with various skills based programmes to guide them accurately and to create genuine interest in sports.

Over the decades, the department has garnered recognition for its academic and research prowess and its commitment to community outreach through its centers and voluntary activities. The beautiful green grass ground helps the students to participate with admirable spirit and enthusiasm. The department gives them training in Football, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Chess, Cricket, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Table tennis etc. These games and activities helps them to build a sound mind in a sound body.








Music is the art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch which governs melody and harmony, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. Music explores the possibility of introducing a spectrum of artistic talents and inputs so that our students are able to get exposure to perceptions both local and global. In a busy schedule of school programmes music is an unavoidable part of our school. The pupils with greater interest and talent is given an ample of opportunities to participate in school assemblies, all school functions coir conducted in school premises and in wider community.

Regular classes are held to train the children in keyboard, guitar, drum, violin and song solo. Special practice for other cultural programs are also conducted. In addition to this, rock band, drum solo, western solo, guitar solo, and junk music are taught regularly. The Department of Music had given coaching for fusion (Orchestra with singing) and taken part in Jhankar Spectrum in the same event. Furthermore, spectacular music programs were performed in School Annual Day function.

Fine Arts

Art lessons are designed to develop creativity using a variety of media and techniques in art and craft. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings.

The study of art and craft encourages a personal response by stimulating imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, power of observation and analytical abilities. The students study about a wide range of artists, crafts people and designers. Those students do not remain solely in the classroom as we conduct competitions and the art work and their contributions are regularly displayed throughout the school to ensure recognition of talent by other students and parents.

Performing Arts

Dance is a platform for the inculcation of innate talents and abilities. It is a pictorial representation of colourful artistical expressions. We put all sorts of dance forms to build up the intrinsic abilities of our children. Based on the level of children we have input different variety of dance for our upcoming buds. For the level of primary children ‘Rhythmic Aerobic movements’ are introduced. It is done in such a way that to maintain an inherent competence in the minds of the blooms. In middle section the theoretical as well as the practical sides of the Classical dance form is introduced. The detailed lessons of the dance form is taught in a way to inspire the younger minds with blossomed happiness and opens a wide door into the colourful world of art. It is done both in solo as well as in group.

The aim of group performance is to develop teamwork and synchronization among the peers. In Senior Category, we give importance to build up their physical as well as mental growth through some exercises like Zoomba Dance, Aerobics etc. which is incorporated with their academics to refresh the puzzled mind set of our children. We trained the children for the Intra School Programs as well as for the Inter School Competitions like Jhankar. They excel in all these competitions with their inclusive efforts and practice.