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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) Where is ISML situated?
It is in the Sultanate of Oman, 116km away from the capital city Muscat. It is on the Muscat Dubai National highway. It is located in a sprawling campus of 16 acres of green garden land with date palm trees and other fruit bearing tress and flowery plants. LOCATION MAP
Q) What syllabus does ISML offer?
Q) Is it a boarding school?
No, it is a day school.
Q) What are the admission criteria?

Refer to the web site, download the application form, fill it and submit it to the school office, further instructions will be given by them.
Q) What is the fee structure?
Refer to the web site
Q) Is there any fee concession for the students?
Q) What is the medium of instruction?
The medium of instruction in the school is English, with Hindi /Malayalam as compulsory second language, Arabic is the additional language fulfilling the requirement of a third language by the CBSE.Malayalam is optional.
Q) What are the school timings?
School Timings: Saturday – Thursday: 7.35 a.m. – 2.00p.m. Office timings: 7.30a.m. – 4.30pm.The office remains closed on Fridays.
Q)Do you provide transport for children?
No. The parents have to arrange it themselves.
Q)If my child comes from India in the middle of the Year, will ISML admit him?
Yes, if he gets through the entrance exam.
Q) What is the average class size?
Q) Do the teachers have experience in training students for CBSE exams?
Q) By whom is this school run?
The school is managed by a committee nominated by his Excellency the Ambassador of India-The Patron of the school.
Q) From where can I buy the school books?
From the school office.
Q) Are the school uniforms sold in the school?
No, the parents have to get it done themselves.
Q) What is CCA?
Co-curricular activities. Refer web site for details.
Q) Is P.E.and games included in the time-table?
Yes .one or two periods per day.
Q) Can my child be exempted from P.E.?
No. unless the child has some genuine medical reasons.
Q) Do all students have to take music lessons?
Till Std 8 it is compulsory