School Rules & Dress Code


  • No student should leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • All leave applications should bear the signature of the parent/guardian.
  • A student who without valid reason and prior permission has been absent for a month is liable to have his/her name struck off without advance notice. If readmission is sought he/she will be considered as a fresh admission.
  • No leave of absence is granted except for valid reasons and only on the prior written application of the parent/guardian.
  • Applications for medical leave should always be accompanied by a medical certificate from a qualified doctor.
  • All leave applications should be noted in the prescribed ‘Leave of Absence Record’ in the school calendar.
  • Parent should meet the Principal with leave letter, if their ward intends to avail leave for more than three days. In case of medical reason, proper proof should be attached and leave note should be submitted at the time of reporting.



  • Walk carefully by the side of the road or on a pavement.
  • Look for vehicles on either side of the road before you cross a road.
  • Cross the road only at Zebra Crossings wherever possible.
  • Even while crossing the road at a Zebra Crossing, please look for speeding vehicles on either side of the road
  • Board any vehicle only when it has come to a complete halt.
  • Show common courtesy to elders and the needy.
  • Sit upright in your seat and hold the railing or any other support especially while travelling by big buses.


  • Avoid running anywhere except on the playground.
  • Avoid walking close to the parked vehicles.
  • Don’t run beside a moving bus.
  • Don’t board or get down from a moving vehicle.
  • Don’t stand on the seat and look back through the rear windshield.
  • Don’t throw anything from the window of a moving vehicle.
  • Don’t encourage the driver to drive fast.
  • Don’t put your hand or head out of a moving vehicle.


Coverage in respect of accidental death or injury:

  • During school hours and within school premises.
  • While travelling to and from the school by school bus.

Observe Perfect Dress Compliance

For Boys

Sunday to Thursday except Tuesday– White shirt, Grey Shorts/Trousers, White Socks, Black shoes, Black Belt.

On Tuesday– White shirt, White Shorts/Trousers, White Socks, White PT shoes, and Black belt.

For Girls

Sunday to Thursday except Tuesday– White shirt, Grey Pleated Skirt/Tunic, White Socks, Black shoes, Black Belt.

On Tuesday– White shirt, White Pleated Skirt/Tunic, White Socks, White PT shoes, Black Belt.

Note : During winter, students are expected to wear sweater and Blazer of blue colour with above mentioned school uniform.