Sports & Games

As in academics and cultural activities, Our School has stolen the thunder in the field of sports and games by establishing its supremacy. We are proud to say that our athletes competed not only with the Capital Indian Schools but also with many  International Schools in the Kerala Wing International School Athletic Meet and emerged as Champions creating a record achievement for the first time in the history of Indian School Muladha.

CBSE Oman Cluster Athletics Meet Oct ’19

1chessUnder 19GirlsGOLD
2Kho-KhoUnder 19BoysGOLD
3Kho-KhoUnder 19GirlsSILVER
4SwimmingUnder 14BoysBRONZE
5FootballUnder 19BoysGOLD
74 X 400 RelayGOLD
8Tripple JumpSILVER
9High JumpGOLD
10400 mGOLD
11200 mGOLD
12100 mGOLD
Javelin ThrowGOLD
Under 17BOYS
1500 mSILVER
Javelin ThrowBRONZE
4 X 400 RelayBRONZE
Under 19Girls
High JumpGOLD
Discus ThrowBRONZE
Under 17
High JumpGold
Under 14GIRLS
Long JumpGOLD

Champions of The Tournament:

  • Overall Champions at the Kerala Wing Inter School Athletic meet conducted on 6th April, 2018 at Boushar Stadium.
  • Secured First Position in the Shuttle tournament organized by Ministry of Education, Al Musannah.
  • The under 19 Category girls of our school proved themselves champions in the CBSE Oman Cluster Chess Tournament.
  • The under 19 girls bagged the first runner up trophy and the under -17 boys achieved the title of the second runner up .
  • Qualified for the CBSE Nationals represented our school in India for the Nationals competitions in Chess, Kho-Kho and Athletics.
  • CBSE Oman Cluster Kho-Kho Tournament 2016-17, Held at Indian School Salalah on 14-15 Oct 2016.
  • Team: Dalphin Shejo Peter (XII-B), Jamil Parvez(XI-C), Sufiyan K.K (XI-B), Sijin Kolatadeth (XI-B), Shadab Ansari (XII-B), Gokul Gopinath (XII-B), Avijit Shill (XI-C), Amal Dev (X-A), Mohammed Jalal (X-D), Prabin Shejo Peter (IX-A), Afthab Mohammed Rafy (X-B), Mubashir Manaf (XI-C), Mohammed Junaid (XI-C).

CBSE Nationals Kho-Kho Championship

  • Held at Delhi Public School , Sambalpur , Odisha , India on 7 Dec-11 Dec 2016
  • Our school reached quarter finals, defeating Rajasthan by score 14-16.


  • Jincy Dennison – IX A – U-19 Girls – High Jump
  • Joy Sharma – XII B – U-19 Boys – Discus Throw
  • Sharon Mary Ike – X B – U-19 Girls – Long Jump
  • Sharon Daisy Enos – XI B – U-19 Girls – 400m
  • U-19 Girls 4x400m Relay :
  • Sharon Daisy Enos- XI B
  • Sharon MaryIke -X B
  • Jincy Dennison -IX A
  • Alfiya Ansari -X B
  • Ahna Siraj-IX B


  • Sijin Kolatadeth – XI B – U-19 Boys – 5000m
  • Afthab Mohammed Rafy – X B – U-17 Boys – 3000m
  • Sharon Mary Ike – X B – U-19 Girls – 100m
  • Saniya Fatma – VIII B – U-14 Girls – Shot put
  • Sharon Daisy Enos – XI B – U-19 Girls – 200m
  • A.Prajeet Streek – IX E – U-14 Boys – 800m , 400m
  • Maneesha Manikandan – X B – U-19 Boys – Triple Jump
  • Dhalpin Shejo Peter – XII B – U-19 Boys – 1500m
  • Alfiya Ansari – X B – U-19 Girls – 1500m
  • U-19 Girls 4x100m Relay :
  • Sharon Mary Ike -X B
  • Sharon Daisy Enos – XI B
  • Nishita Shil -IX C

U-19 Boys 4 x 100 m Relay

  • Jamil Parvej-XI C
  • Sijin Kolatadeth- XI B
  • Shadab AnsariXII B
  • Amal DevX A

U-17 Boys 4 x 400 m Relay

  • Prabin Shejo Peter – IX A
  • Sony Varghese -X A
  • Afthab Mohammed Rafy -X B
  • Saphal John Tom-X C


  • Vyshnavi Pramode – IX D- U-17 Girls-High Jump
  • Saphal John Tom – X C – U-17 Boys-Long Jump
  • Anirudh.I – IX C- U-17 Boys- High jump
  • Mohammed Jalal – X D- U-17 Boys- 800m
  • Dhalpin Shejo Peter – XII B-U-19 Boys-800m
  • Jincy Dennison – IX A U-19 Girls-800m
  • Mohammed Irshad – X A U-17 Boys-Discus Throw

U-19 Boys 4 x 400 m Relay

  • Jamil Parvej-XI C
  • Sijin Koladeth – XI B
  • Shadab AnsariXII B
  • Amal DevX A