It’s said that ‘Every Achievement starts with the decision to try’. The quote rightly suits ISML’s motto of converting every student to be an Achiever. It’s a matter of pride that the school over the years clutched many laurels. The school paved the ways for the extraordinary transformations in the lives of students. Be it sports, cultural, studies.inter/intra school competitions, external brainstorming sessions such Olympiads, Quizzes, and Symposium, the ISMLites had smitten the achievement paradigm and stood in the zone of highest bliss, lifting high the trophies victoriously. It amplifies that it is vibrant, innovative, enthusiastic and optimistic which knows no bounds.

The school sets a priority in inculcating the students the spirit of living with zest. The school prepares the students’ latent potentialities to erupt out, and take feathers to fly high. It always plans meticulously and productively to savor the splendor of another challenge into success.


These achievements pulled in the salutation from the onlookers. Overall, the school serves as the sanctuary of opportunities to take the students to brace challenges and thus be bragging that he/she is proud ISMLite. Peep into the Achievement Sections which will present you with the wide range of accomplishments with medals, trophies, certificates and appreciations.