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Assistant Vice Principals

Mr. Jailal V C
Mr. Jailal V C
Mrs. Sheeja A Jaleel
Mrs. Sheeja A Jaleel

Mr. John Ebenezer (HoD)
Science Department

The Department Of Science

The Department of Science is committed to ensure the attainment of strong foundation in science with the help of our highly dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty members. Our department aims to impart knowledge to the young buds to blossom with greater efficiency and capability. In order to provide a sound knowledge of fundamentals in basic sciences, the department is equipped with well-established laboratories. The staff members, in addition to their regular teaching work are actively and enthusiastically engaged in preparing study materials and conducting special classes.

The mission of the Science department is to create knowledgeable, scientifically literate, and technologically capable problem solvers. By fostering a spirit of inquiry, nurturing our students’ curiosity, and bringing current, relevant and real-world science into the classroom experience, we prepare our students to become scientists, doctors, engineers, educated citizens capable of comprehending and analyzing global issues.

The Department Of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Indian School Muladha functions with 15 teachers with Mrs. Thresiamma Mathew as the Head of Department.

All the teachers are well qualified and trained with many years of rich teaching experience. All the teachers work together as a team for academic excellence of their students, they aim at overcoming Maths anxiety in students and parents. By following effective methods of teaching and proper evaluation techniques they instill confidence in the subject Mathematics and make their school life stress free and happy.

The slow learners are also given special care in the form of extra coaching and remedial classes. To create interest in Mathematics various club activities are organized like solving puzzles, games and quizzing thereby inculcating creativity and initiative in students.


Ms. Thresiamma Mathew Vathalloor (HoD)
Mathematics Department


Mrs. Reeta Shivraj (HoD)
Social Science Department

The Department Of Social Science

The Social Science department functions well under the idealistic and visionary leadership of Mrs. Reeta Shivraj, the senior most teacher in the department.

The department plays a pivotal role in achieving the envisaged goal of the school, i.e., to develop globally competent and socially committed individuals who are emotionally strong, physically fit, mentally upright and intellectually outstanding. It organizes myriad programmers such as Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti, Celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day of India, Celebration of the National Day of Sultanate of Oman, UN Day, conducting Students Prefect Council Election, with the intention of making students feel that they are part of a global community and instill willingness to sacrifice themselves for the service of others, the nation and the entire world.

‘Pure Science teaches us about how technology is developed and used whereas Social Science helps us understand the impact of technology’.

The young generation nurtured by ISML will always be able to analyze things in the right manner as the great saying above indicates.

The department has succeeded in carrying a normative responsibility to create and widen the popular base of human values namely, freedom, trust, mutual respect and respect for diversity.

We invest in children a critical, moral and mental energy to make them alert to face the social forces that threaten these values by discussing things such as threat to environment, caste/class inequality and state oppression through an interdisciplinary approach.

The Department Of English

Viewed freely, English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all.                               Walt Whitman

Being the lingua franca of the world, English language holds a supreme position among all languages in the world. It is the language that brings the world together and has the propensity for the fuelling the progress of the world. The Department of English prides in being at the helm of each and every moment of this school since its inception in 1992. With a dedicated team of 14 teachers under the lambent guidance of Mrs. Ambily Raju, Head of Department, it has been profoundly involved in almost all the memorable and significant moments of the school. The department aims at moulding students to perfection in the art of effective and efficient communication giving a lot of impetus to all the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The department organizes  activities, events and competitions ranging from cursive writing  to skits and dramas from time to time to hone the language skills and confidence of the students so that they can prepare themselves for braving the challenges of the future. Our experienced and qualified teachers are symbols of perseverance and make relentless efforts to keep scaling new heights without remaining content with what has already been achieved. The department also makes rigorous efforts to identify talents in the field of literature and gives them excellent training and support to represent the school in interschool events.


Mrs. Ambily Raju (HoD)
English Department


Mr. Pramode Joy (HoD)
Computer Science Department

The Department Of Computer Science

Information is power; it should be just a click away

The department has competent and committed faculty who encourage students involvement in various co-curricular activities along with their academics. Computer Science students have consistently bagged high score in the CBSE examination and various examinations conducted in international level. The department also takes initiative for the conduct of various inter/intra school competitions to improve the skills of the students.

The department has the latest infrastructure facilities with high speed internet connectivity and three well equipped computer laboratories with more than 120 systems. Our lab facilitates sharpening of analytical skills, stretching creative talents and boosting confidence in designing new concepts. The department provides invaluable skills and knowledge essential to the world of information technology. It gives priceless experience in structured methods of software recognized by the competitive world. We want our students to acquire knowledge that goes beyond the conventional premises of bookish learning. We focus on the students exposure to the I.T world and make the competent to meet the challenges and opportunities of the cyber world.

The Computer Science Department’s mission is to present our students with up-to-date curricula and pedagogy in the computer science and information technology disciplines, ensure that they have a solid foundation in the core concepts, equip them with problem solving and decision-making skills, and prepare them for lifelong learning in the discipline. The department provides for and encourages intellectual and academic growth of its faculty.

The Department Of Commerce

The Commerce stream was started in 2000 in Indian School Muladha with a few students. The stream grew in leaps and bounds in strength and achievements with the passage of time.

The Commerce stream provides subjects as Business Studies, Accountancy , Economics and Informatics Practices /Mathematics. The stream includes gaining understanding about core business disciplines like the exchange of items of value or products between persons or companies and any such exchange of money for a product, service, or information is considered a deal of commerce.

The pedagogical practices is implemented in a ‘learner centric’ manner. Teachers promote active learning among students with a focus on reflections, connecting with the world around them, creating and constructing knowledge. Our teachers are facilitators, who encourage collaborative learning and development of multiple skills through the generous use of resources via diverse approaches for transacting the curriculum. Our teachers identify students who need remediation, which can be detect by the teacher in the course of teaching and through individualized attentions.


Ms. Annie Joe (HoD)
Commerce Department

The teamwork among the teachers creates cross-curricular linkages that help learners reflect on their learning. These linkages are vital to learning as they help to connect prior knowledge with new information. For example, Relationship between accounting , economics and business studies – Both accounting and economics are meant to maximize the wealth and so the economists and accountants are consistent with the aspect that capital should be intact when calculating the income.

Relationship between accounting and statistics – Accounting is about the preparation of accounting information, and it necessitates interpreting and presenting the financial information which leads to create tables and graphs. The knowledge of creating tables and graphs is attained through the discipline of statistics.


Ms. Alice Thomas (HoD)
Hindi Department

The Department Of Hindi

The Department of Hindi in our school is all set to ensure the highest standards of learning, achievement and development of the students. The Hindi Department comprises of a vibrant team of experienced and exuberant teachers. The team displays utmost sincerity to stimulate and encourage students to a high standard of interest and achievement in the subject. The team also arranges student participation in internal and external events, contributes to the extra-curricular activities of the school, promotes students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within the subject area and in a nutshell, prepares the students for the next phase of life. While drawing up the syllabus, sufficient care is taken to cater the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast changing social values in our time. The department works in such a way that it is totally compatible with the aims and objectives of the school.


Mr. Santosh Meethale Malol
Malyalam Department

The Department Of Malayalam

Malayalam is a gifted divine language. It is the spoken language of 38 million people.  The Lingua Franca Malayalam has evolved from Dravidian language. Malayalam literary language has got an esteemed status through the writings of Thunchath Ezhuthachan. The ancient and modern poets have immensely contributed to the enrichment of the language. Apart from this, folk art and classical arts are given attention in Malayalam literature.

The Department is established to add the regional linguistic fervour in the existing system of curriculum.  The department is working in a vivacious manner to impart the language to recollect the regional spirit. The language teachers are well qualified in the field. They have put in the services collaboratively to achieve the common goal.

Many activities such as seminars, workshops, quizzes etc. are conducted with the view of strengthening the language fervour. This also provides apt opportunities to exhibit their linguistic attachment. The language brings forth the cultural heritage of Kerala and the rich resources.

The Department Of Arabic

Arabic is the key to understanding the Arabs, their culture and their lifestyle. Arabic ranks sixth in the world’s league table of languages, with an estimated 200 million native Arabic speakers residing in 22 countries that have declared Arabic as their official language. Arabic is also used by more than a millions of people all over the world as their liturgical language, as it is the language in which the Quran was revealed.

Few cultures place more emphasis on their language as a unifying factor than do the Arabs.

(CCA Cordinator)

Mr. Niyas Ahamed Hakeem Mulk
Arabic Department

The Department Of Instrumental Music

Regular classes are held to train the children in keyboard, guitar, drum, violin and song solo.​

Special practice for other cultural programmes are also conducted. In addition to this, rock band, drum solo, western solo, guitar solo, and junk music are taught regularly.

The Department of Music had given coaching for fusion (Orchestra with singing) and taken part in Jhankar Spectrum in the same event. Furthermore, spectacular music programmes were performed in School Annual Day function.

The Department of Music- Vocal

Music is the art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch which governs melody and harmony, Rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The Word derives from the Greek word ‘mouike’.

Music explores the possibility of introducing a spectrum of artistic talents and inputs so that our students are able to get exposure to perceptions both local and global. Music has a fundamental place with the curriculum at ISML. The school runs primary secondary music classes provided by trained qualified musical specialist. In a busy schedule of school programmes music is an unavoidable part of our school. The pupils with greater interest and talent is given an ample of opportunities to participate in school assemblies, all school functions coir conducted in school premises and in wider community.

Mr. S. N. G. Murthy
Instrumental Music

Ms. Deepthy Praveen
Music Department


Mr. Praveen Balakrishna Pillai
Arts Department

The Department Of Arts

Art lessons are designed to develop creativity using a variety of media and techniques in art and craft. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings.

The study of art and craft encourages a personal response by stimulating imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, power of observation and analytical abilities. The students study about a wide range of artists, crafts people and designers. Those students do not remain solely in the classroom as we conduct competitions and the art work I regularly displayed throughout the school to ensure recognition of talent by other students and parents.


Ms. Remya Remanan Anitha
Dance Department

The Department Of Dance

Dance is a platform for the inculcation of innate talents and abilities. It is a pictorial representation of colourful artistical expressions. We put all sorts of dance forms to build up the intrinsic abilities of our children. Based on the level of children we have input different variety of dance for our upcoming buds. For the level of primary children ‘Rhythmic Aerobic movements’ are introduced. It is done in such a way that to maintain an inherent competence in the minds of the blooms. In middle section the theoretical as well as the practical sides of the Classical dance form is introduced. The detailed lessons of the dance form is taught in a way to inspire the younger minds with blossomed happiness and opens a wide door into the colourful world of art. It is done both in solo as well as in group.

The aim of group performance is to develop teamwork and synchronization among the peers. In Senior Category, we give importance to build up their physical as well as mental growth through some exercises like Zoomba Dance , Aerobics etc which is incorporated with their academics to refresh the puzzled mind set of our children. We trained the children for the Intra School Programs as well as for the Inter School Competitions like Jhankar. They excel in all these competitions with their inclusive efforts and practice.

The Department Of Physical Education

Physical education department of the school provides the students with various skills based programmes to guide them accurately and to create genuine interest in sports. The beautiful green grass ground helps the students to participate with admirable spirit and enthusiasm. The department gives them training in Football, Basketball, Badminton Athletics, Chess, Cricket, Volleyball, Kho Kho, Table tennis etc. These games and activities helps them to build a sound mind in a sound body.


Mr. Pravin Cherukkat Koduvayoor
Physical Education