How We Work

Our Working Methodology

We employ the following delivery mechanisms, skills and strategies:

  • Intensive and extensive class room instructions.
  • Emphasis on enquiry and interactivity.
  • Learning skills facilitated through seminars, group discussions, off-campus visits, online resources, interactive sessions etc.
  • Diagnostic and remedial classes.
  • Individualized, or customized teaching-learning.
  • Multi-sensorial teaching by using multimedia, web, EduSat, video conferencing etc
  • Real-world case studies, project making, field trips, live projects, demos, team presentations, tutorials, mock tests, film shows etc.
  • Study groups, role playing, skill workshops and useful and productive activities.
  • We cross-pollinate the corporate culture and the service culture. It is providing service and succor by sewing and stitching our organization into social concerns.
  • We believe in access, equity, quality, excellence, multiculturalism and social responsibility.
  • We provide an inclusive and vibrant work culture and service which is totally aligned with the aspirations and promises enshrined in our institutional mission and vision.