Principal’s Desk

‘Education is the natural, harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers.’

Dear Parents / Students,

A great nation is the outcome of its well-disciplined citizenry, who are prepared in educational institutions. A school, therefore, carries the utmost responsibility to build up strong character to develop well bloomed personalities with positive thinking backed up by time-tested values.  For this, it needs the co-operation of parents,who should put their shoulder to the wheel by looking after their children,which is an imperative in today’s materialistic age.

As education is a natural harmonious & progressive development of man’s innate powers, school has its well knit education programme in which the role of a teacher is colossal. It becomes not only his duty but also a sacred trust to see that NONE of these heroes in embryo is thwarted in his career. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame – our teachers work with the same spirit.

We wish our students to grow into disciplined & decent personalities, well aware of social obligation & cognizance to all – home, school, society & nation. We are dogged determined to lend them a helping hand to prove their mettle because we believe they can & we know how to make them do so. Only they have to receive &protect the light that their master lamps provide to enlighten their path to success which is not always the result of talent but hard work too.

So join hands with us to keep this light burning to brighten and broaden a child’s future.

About Principal of School

Mr. S. I. Shareef, M.A., M.Ed, has 35 years of variegated experience of teaching and educational administration.

He took over as Principal, Indian School Muladha from April 2011 and the school has grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. He has produced 100% results in the CBSE Board exams Class X & XII.  Acclaimed for his innovations and student, teacher, parent friendly approach.

He is a Double Post Graduate.  He started his career in Oman, as a teaching fraternity in Indian School Muscat on 5th October, 1985,  where he served in various capacities.  He was also deputed to Indian School Al Seeb as an Acting Principal from 1st September 2010 to 25th February, 2011, where he showed his capability as a school Principal.  He was then promoted and posted to Indian School Muladha as Principal.   In all he has served around 35 years  in the Indian School Muscat, Seeb and Muladha.

He has a vast experience of organizing Creative, Literary and Academic activities, Music, Dramatics, Art and Craft and Group Dynamics.  He conducted many In-Service Training Workshops on Supervisory Skills, Managerial Techniques, and Teaching-Learning-Process in and out of Muscat organized by various Educational experts.  He is main contributor in various seminars and training programmes for teachers serving Indian Schools in Oman. He is acclaimed for his innovations and student, teacher, parents friendly approach.