Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission

Our mission statement is like a pole star guiding our organization. It spells out our goals, provides us a sense of direction, and guides decision – making for all levels of management. We commit ourselves

  • to provide a wide range of holistic education to the budding youth;
  • to strive for innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation; and
  • to act as a lighthouse for the transmission of global knowledge and attitudes.

Our Vision

Indian School Muladha has a clear-cut vision and a road-map to remain relevant and sustainable. Our Vision connects the present grass-root realities and the silken dreams about future.

We envision to uplift this institute to the zenith of success

  • by escalating the peaks of excellence
  • by utilizing the advantages of technology to the maximum;
  • by merging with the society around;
  • by participating in its concerns & problems, fairs and festivals, joys & aspirations.

Our Goal

Our  goal is that students will embody the human values of honesty, patience, justice, integrity, peace, self-discipline, tolerance and respect for all creation.

We aim to evolve each student into a mature, spiritually oriented person, active and useful to the society, and loyal to his country, respectful to others and disciplined in life.  We give impetus to grooming up students with good moral and social habits that would make him an upright citizen with an all-round education, academic, physical and moral outlook. Our pious school environment nurtures, empowers and prepares students to use human knowledge as the guiding light for success in this life and make this world very beautiful.

Thus, the School strives for the growth of not merely the academic faculties, but it also provides opportunities for the development of good moral and social habits, which are the basis in the formation of an upright citizen.