About KG Wing

In our Kindergarten, besides academic excellence, equal weightage is given on nurturing strong values, caring for environment, maintaining physical and spiritual well being and age appropriate emotional development. Our carefully designed curriculum would guide and support our kids to explore, absorb and learn from natural surroundings – be it home, school or otherwise.

Ms. Saeeda A. Khan (Senior KG Teacher)

Our approach is based on the beliefs –​

  • Children learn faster by ” DOING”.
    To quote the Chinese proverb- ” I hear I forget, I read I remember, I do I understand”.
  • Habits learnt at this age last throughout the life (“Old Habits Die Hard“).
  • Children have varied intelligences and tapping the potential intelligence at this age should help them in a long way.
  • According to the proven ‘multiple intelligence theory’ by Howard Gardner, seven types of intelligence are “Linguistic, Logical, Kinesthetic, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal“.

Our Salient Features–​​

  • Parent Orientation Prgramme at KG I & KG II level: This supports parents to know the overview of our system and enable them to understand the functioning of the school. It helps teachers to guide parents about the developmental needs of their wards.
  • Individual attention : A special care and support to the slow learners.
  • Stimulating and encouraging environment: Use of a variety of teaching aids and techniques.
  • Learning by Doing : Every child is given opportunities to involve, perform, enjoy & learn.
  • Opportunity for self-expression: Special Assemblies to mark the celebration of festivals, important days and practical learning of concepts.

KG  Co-curricular Activities-

  • KG CULTURAL FEST – It marks 100%  participation of students in various cultural events. Students are trained by the teachers to perform in groups  to sing, dance ,  speak   Enhancing their social skills and boost  their confidence.
  • KG Annual Athletic Meet: Tiny tots explore through play and develop the team spirit and sportsmanship. KG Sports highlights mass drill, march past, aerobics and colourful athletic events.
  • KG Picnic – Kids taken to the picnic so that they get more socialized and enjoy in a place away from school.
  • KG GRADUATION – KG Graduation Ceremony is conducted for the KG II students. All  the KG II students are honored with the Diploma certificate and trophy for the completion of two years in Kindergarten.